Why Concrete Sinks

Concrete sinks for many reasons. Soils can naturally compact over time. Organic debris such as wood that is buried beneath concrete foundations will eventually decompose and create a void beneath the soil that will succumb to gravity over time.

Ground dwelling animals such as moles and chipmunks can create vast underground homes beneath concrete foundations. Although cozy homes to these animals, their tunneling creates large pockets of air that will eventually collapse under the weight of heavy concrete. Multiple generations of these pests can be very destructive to the stability of concrete foundations.

Water follows the path of least resistance. Heavy rainfall, misdirected gutters and periodic runoff can cause foundational dirt to drift away. The flow of water carved the Grand Canyon and in the right conditions it can degrade foundations and cause concrete slabs to sink.

Sinking concrete can decrease the value of a home, create hazardous walking conditions and, if not addressed, can cause massive levels of structural damage to buildings.

Mudjacking is the economical, effective and best solution to repair sinking concrete foundations. Foundations do not sink in a day but they can be lifted and stabilized in an afternoon. If you have a sinking foundation, a sloping sidewalk or a section of concrete in your pool that is no longer level, 770-941-0568.   We repair sinking concrete, tilting concrete slabs and all kinds of concrete issues.